OptimizeIt Followup, Still Rocks!

by Eric M. Burke

I've been using OptimizeIt pretty heavily over the past week or so in an effort to reduce the memory footprint of a rather huge Swing client GUI application. We are finding quite a few memory leaks and making great headway. In a nutshell, I cannot imagine a company developing Java software without a license of OptimizeIt available to at least someone on the team.

In my previous weblog, I mentioned one complaint: lack of JBuilder support. They fixed this, providing pretty clear directions on configuring OptimizeIt to work with JBuilder. We found several performance bottlenecks in our Data Access Objects that would have been very difficult to find without a profiling tool.

Are you considering OptimizeIt? My advice...

  • You only need a few licenses. This is not the sort of tool you run every day. I find myself using it maybe once a month, in 2-3 day bursts of activity. It then sits unused for another month or so.

  • While OptimizeIt is a great tool, tracking down performance bottlenecks and memory leaks is damn hard. Again, don't buy a license for every team member. Experienced Java developers will get the most mileage. Beginners probably won't have much luck.

There are other profilers out there. I evaluated JProbe but found it consumed too many system resources -- on my machine, it ran at least 4 times slower than OptimizeIt. I have not looked at other tools, but I'm sure they are out there.


2003-12-17 07:29:42
I love OptimizeIt, but I hate that they dropped their Mac OS X version after just a couple of months on the market (and before so many Java developers started buying PowerBooks).