Oracle Buys Innobase

by Jonah Harris

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Oracle has purchased Innobase Oy, the creators of MySQL's only enterprise-class storage engine, InnoDB.

I've requested a short interview with Heikki Tuuri and will post an article soon.

Read the press release here.


2005-10-11 14:29:50
The significance of Oracle’s acquisition goes deeper than what may appear.
Oracle just threw MySQL’s customers into a huge pile of uncertainty by buying the transaction engine that implements MySQL 5.0 advanced database features, which was announced only weeks ago in late September. What does MySQL have left without InnoBase? Their Classic edition is what, with a flat-file DB engine that certainly doesn’t support triggers or stored procedures or transactional capabilities.

These customers are also left to ponder what the community support around MySQL is as now clearly appears that all most critical development and everyday support is strictly contained within a few individuals. MySQL is more about business than community. And they make such a business blunder as to rely so heavily on external product that is now on the hands of Oracle. Now, what happens when Oracle decides to put a little squeeze on that license cost or heavily influence the evolution and support of that product? MySQL customers and prospects will have to reevaluate their database investments and analyze short and long term impact on their businesses.

People just need to recognize Oracle’s InnoBase acquisition for what it is, and MySQL customers need to have their wits about them over the next several months as this deal plays out. –Paola Lubet