Oracle Versus Red Hat?

by chromatic

Apparently Oracle wants to compete with Red Hat in the Big Serious Linux Distribution world. How does a distributor compete with the 799-pound gorilla of software? Bernard Golden suggests that it's easy in Too Soon for Red Hat to Run Up the White Flag. In short, he believes that Red Hat is small enough to be nimble and has an established advantage, while Oracle won't have much success trying to undercut its more profitable products.


Carla Schroder
2006-11-01 13:13:33
Nice article. I don't understand why Oracle wants to support an operating system anyway. Of all the "breathless analyses" I've read, the only one with a smidgen of credibility is the one that thinks Oracle is deliberately trying to depress Red Hat's stock price so they can buy it cheap. and even then I don't get it. Red Hat is a pipsqueak. Sure, they're a Linux giant, but in the bigger world of business they're dinky.

It seems the best of all worlds for Oracle already: strong partnerships with vendors like Red Hat and Oracle ported to everything except CP/M. Why muck with a good thing? Anyway Oracle has bigger worries on the horizon, like PostgreSQL. If someone with real muscle and resources gets behind PostgreSQL, why would anyone want to continue to pay a premium for Oracle?