OracleWorld 2002

by Jonathan Gennick

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It's 2:23 AM on Sunday morning, and I just finished packing for my annual pilgrimage out to San Francisco for OracleWorld. That's an inauspicious beginning, actually, as I'll be sleep-deprived right from the get-go. I'm sure I won't get any extra rest at the conference, and I have the red-eye back Wednesday night, so Thursday should a real interesting day for me.

I'm doing something different this trip. Rather than transfering all my email to my notebook so I can keep up while I'm on the road, and then having to transfer it all back again when I return, I'm using GoToMyPC, which allows me to remotely control my office computer from any computer running Internet Explorer, which means I can use pretty much any arbitrary computer I happen to stumble across. Andrew Duncan, author of our upcomming Objective-C Pocket Reference is one of GoToMyPC's developers. I just installed the software tonight, and my first impression was favorable. I'll let you know how it goes.

Getting back to Oracle, I just finished up an article on character semantics an multibyte characters. If you're doing development with Oracle that involves the use of multibyte character sets such as Unicode UTF-8, I'd be interested in hearing from you. You can email me at or at

Stay tuned! If I stumble across anything interesting at OracleWorld, I'll post it here.