OracleWorld 2002 - Monday

by Jonathan Gennick

Monday morning, 8:15 AM

Bad fly-day yesterday. Big storm, lightening outside the plane windows, lots of turbulance--I don't like it when I look outside the plane window and see the wings flapping.

Remember I mentioned that I decided to useGoToMyPC on this trip to avoid having to move my email onto my notebook computer?Well, now I have some results to report.

First of all, I found that I really missed being able to catch up on email during the long flight from Detroit to San Francisco. To use GoToMyPC, you need an Internet connection to your host computer, and, of course, I didn't have one on the plane.

Using GoToMyPC is not nearly the same as being there. You're remotely controlling a PC via the Internet, and even on a fast connection everything you do is just a bit sluggish. I've also had reliability problems: connections have suddenly dropped and this morning my connection froze while I was in the middle of editing an important email.

On the plus side, I like the way GoToMyPC is able to the screen image on my desktop (which runs at 1100-something in the horizontal dimenson) down to the 800x600 used by my notebook. The results are surprisingly readable

Nothing at OracleWorld really begins until 9:00am. I'll update this page throughout the day, as time permits.

Update, Monday @ 2:21 PM

While wandering the show floor today I stumbled across a product named Exodus from Ciphersoft Inc. Exodus automatically converts PL/SQL applications, notably Oracle Forms applications into Java. An Oracle Forms app ends up as an EJB-based application. Ciphersoft is an Oracle Migration Partner, so Oracle is, apparently, actively supporting a product that migrates users away from their own Oracle Forms environment. Interesting.

By far the most interesting thing I encountered today was a booth in the Oracle campgrounds at which Brajesh Goyal was giving a demo of Oracle's toolkit for Globus. Globus is a platform for grid computing developed jointly by Argonne National Labs, University of Southern California, and other instituions. Oracle databases can be resources on a Globus grid, and scripts and jobs can be submitted to run against those databases. That Oracle supports grid computing fascinates me. Expect to read more from me on this topic.

And what of my problems this morning with GoToMyPC? Those turned out to be the fault of my ISP, which experienced a short outage.