O'Reilly Foundation Donates 10k to Creative Commons

by M. David Peterson

I've been heads down on several projects, one of which I will be writing about when it launches sometime between now and Monday, so my apologies for not posting this sooner. One of the items that I had tagged as "to blog" comes from the following announcement made several days ago.

If there is one attribute of Tim O'Reilly and O'Reilly Media that I admire more than any other, it is the simple fact that they truly do understand the importance of the community-based economy and the importance of being able to share with one another the things we most enjoy. Of course, what better way to show understanding than putting your money where your mouth is,

O'Reilly Foundation Donates to CC - Creative Commons

Creative Commons is pleased to announce that the O'Reilly Foundation has donated $10,000 towards CC's $300,000 annual campaign goal. We are honored to be a receipient of such significant support. Tim O'Reilly is the founder of O'Reilly Media and a supporter of both open source and the free software movements, which this donation exemplifies.


So who's next? Microsoft, you have a couple bucks laying around, don't ya? Apple? Sun? Joe from Topeka, Kansas? Jane from Ottawa, Ontario, CA? No matter who you are, how big your bank account happens to be, or how much you feel you directly benefit from the hard work and dedication of the good folks @ Creative Commons, I invite you all to follow the lead of Tim O'Reilly and the O'Reilly Foundation and donate to one of the most important projects brought forth in the 21st century: Creative Commons.

Already donated? Don't let that stop you from donating again! The lines are now open. Here's how to order...

(Thanks, Tim&Company!)