O'Reilly @Microsoft MIX 07: Counting Down

by John Osborn

The much-hyped (and sold-out) Microsoft MIX 07 conference gets underway next week in Las Vegas, starting with an evening mash-up brainstorming session and social hour on Sunday , April 28, and ending Wednesday afternoon, May 2 with a MIX Chat lunch, at which attendees get to mingle with speakers, Microsoft staff and panelists. In between, we can expect a flurry of product announcements from Microsoft and others, and we can hope for greater clarity about the Company's plans for its Windows Live platform and for it's recently announced Silverlight cross-browser plug-in.

I'll be there along with an estimated 4000 other developers, designers, members of the media and what Microsoft calls "business decision makers" (BDMs, for short). There's no exhibit hall, and thus no booth duty, so for once I'll be MIXing along with everyone else, listening closely to what attendees have to say, and looking for the next big thing.

Look for me in my new black O'Reilly shirt (picture to come), in the Sandbox, in sessions, at the MIX Chat, in the Press Room, at the parties. And though I'm clearly a trailing indicator, I'll be on Facebook and Twitter as well, and blogging whenever I have the time here at the O'Reilly Windows DevCenter. If you have the urge to write, be sure to ask me about opportunities at O'Reilly for sharing your knowledge in blogs, podcasts, videos, Short Cuts and books. The possibilities are endless.

See you there!