O'Reilly Ruby Blog Launches

by Steve Mallett

Related link: http://www.oreillynet.com/ruby

I'm extremely pleased to announce that we've launched the O'Reilly Ruby group-weblog. It's a Ruby holiday-treat!

Like Ruby we wanted to be pragmatic (nod to Dave) in our approach to covering an exciting and rapidly developing target. Hence; you will witness the new group blog of some 10-ought ruby-ists extraordinaire. Who better to keep you in the know of what is possibly the coolest, most fun to use - and did I mention powerful - programming languages yet than those whose helping hands are ruby red up to the elbows?

To my delight the blog has begun to fill in with Ruby goodness - "Hello, World!" through the ages, a 90 sec. tutorial on Enumerable, Ruby bot battles, and a good hearted disagreement with Elliot Harold.



2005-12-21 08:41:33
Thanks for setting us up with this! Next step... get 'Ruby' to appear on the sidebar... ;-)
2007-06-07 05:08:05
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