O'Reilly Ruby Group Weblog

by Steve Mallett

I am extremely pleased to welcome you to O'Reilly's brand spanking new group weblog devoted to Ruby!

Ruby has been on the "Radar" here for quite some time, and it was time to start doing more than chatting it up in every third O'Reilly weblog post.

Like Ruby we wanted to be pragmatic (nod to Dave) in our approach to covering an exciting and rapidly developing target. Hence; you are witnessing the new group blog of some 10-ought ruby-ists extraordinaire. Who better to keep you in the know of what is possibly the coolest, most fun to use - and did I mention powerful - programming languages yet than those whose helping hands are ruby red up to the elbows?

Welcome & feel free to ping me anytime with suggestions & feedback: steve.mallett@gmail.com

-Steve - Editor