O'Reilly Ruby will cover the Google Summer of Code

by GSoC Proxy

Last year, one of the most difficult things about keeping track of the progress of the Ruby projects in Google's Summer of Code was finding where the students / mentors were talking about their projects. Since several of the bloggers on O'Reilly Ruby are directly involved in the the Summer of Code in one way or another, we decided that we'd try to make things a little easier for the community for GSoC 2007.

We've sent out an open invite to all students and mentors who are assigned to RubyCentral for the summer. Rather than just relaying second hand news, we've encouraged those involved to submit blog posts to us, and we'll post them all here using the special GSoC account. If you missed the original announcement, please contact Gregory Brown, as he'll be coordinating the effort.

Better than half of the students involved this summer have expressed interest in participating with us. We're busy collecting bios, and will soon make a post that introduces the folks who will be blogging with us this summer, and a little more detail about their projects.

One of the students involved has plans to have an announcement about their project ready by the end of the month, so keep an eye out for that!