O'Reilly's Ode to the Sysadmin

by Jason Deraleau

Related link: http://networking.oreilly.com/sysadmin/

Some of you might not be subscribed to the O'Reilly emailings. If you're not, you're probably not aware of a new page created on the O'Reilly Networking site which is an excellent resource for System Administrators. The O'Reilly Focus on System Administration is full of link to articles, columns, and books that are available through O'Reilly. The links are categorized for easy researching and the page is well-laid out. Speed is of the essence, so go ahead and bookmark it.

While you're at it, bookmark The Lighter Side of System Administration for some humorous links to kill time between killing processes and trying not to kill users ;)

This is probably a good time to talk a little bit about some of the rest of the O'Reilly Network. While the MacDevCenter has lots of great information for Mac users, with the release of Mac OS X, a lot of the information on the ON:LAMP site is useful as well. Tools like Apache, Perl, MySQL, BIND, and others act much the same on Mac OS X/Darwin as they do on Linux or a BSD. Take a glance through! You might find an answer to your question that just needs to be tweaked a little for a Mac.

What other O'Reilly Focuses Foci would you like to see? What links and resources do you have for System Administrators?