OS X 10.4.7 and other recent news

by Giles Turnbull

Apple released OS X 10.4.7 yesterday, 66MB of update goodies for your Mac. Tim Gaden has already checked out what's new for Mail. There are also fixes and updates for iChat, iSync (including .Mac sync), Finder, iCal, TextEdit, and other apps.

This update for Automator might be useful for some folks: "Automator supports more websites that require cookies and sessions, specifically those where the authentication is passed along with the URLs, in the Get Image URLs for Webpage, and Get Link URLs from Webpages actions."

Elsewhere, Microsoft has purchased iView Multimedia. If you've never tried iView, you've missed out. Before iPhoto came along, there was no better way to organise large libraries of images and other media; indeed, a lot of pro users stick with iView MediaPro because of its superior feature set and superb support for many file formats and associated metadata.

Now, of course, with iPhoto, Adobe Bridge, Aperture and others, there media management category is booming and people have a lot more choice. It's good to see that iView won't abandon its many Mac customers and will offer upgrade pricing to them on any future products that "may be available" (see the FAQ).

In other news...

VoodooPad 3 Final candidate 1 is released for the taking. Get it while it's hot.

Did you know that Apple's extensive list of mailing lists is also available as a pile o' RSS feeds? Well, you do now.

BuildFactory 1.0 was released last week. It automatically builds projects, has Subversion built-in, and talks to a variety of editors.

From Apple: How to use iWeb to publish to a .Mac account from more than one computer.

Check out Desmond's demo of a new scrolling tabs idea for Camino.