OS X and the easy life

by Giles Turnbull

Steve Borsch’s tale of how he swapped his father’s malware-ridden PC for a Mac mini, to make his own life easier, exactly mirrors my own experience.

I made the icons huge so he can see everything, it’s easier to navigate, and the spyware and adware are now a complete non-issue. There’s nothing that he cannot do on this computer and I rarely have to do any remote logging in to fix something.

Some years ago, my mom was given a cheap eMachines PC as a gift. As time went by she got very interested in digital photography, and became a keen web user. But every time I went to visit and sat down in front of the computer, it got slower and slower.


2007-03-12 04:01:39
Yep, a couple of Mac minis for my Mother and Mother-in-law would be handy I think!
2007-03-12 05:12:37
I have to fix all my family and friends PCs. I hate PCs and won't have one in my own house but since people know that I use computers they expect me to be able to fix them. I finally got my brother onto a mac lately and I don't hear any problems from them. On the PC at least once a week it would decide to make the address for the mail server!!
Recently a cousin asked me about buying a new PC, I checked which apps he used and only relied on Word for doing invoices. I explained to him a Mac would be perfect. When he went to the shop to buy it he came back with a PC because the guy in the shop convinced him a Mac would be too difficult to learn how to use!! The shiny new PC laptop gave me blue screen of death 5 times in the first 10 minutes I tried setting it up on a wireless router!
The same guy in the shop also convinced him not to get Vista as it had more viruses than XP. I'm a Windows hater but even I know this is the biggest lie ever.

I also tell everyone who I know that if they buy a mac and don't like it that I'll but it off them . I'm that confident they will like it.

Bob Hunter
2007-03-12 07:18:01
I wish I could invoice Microsoft for all the time I've spent installing, reinstalling, defragmenting, rebooting, configuring, and cleaning from all sorts of bad-ware that sticks to it when traversing the Internet. If users could claim their time back, for material and moral damage, I am sure Microsoft would shrink to a small software house writing the Office suite for OSX.
2007-03-12 07:31:05
Similar experience here

my dad (~70yrs old) was a complete neo-luddite, but nudged -hesitantly- when i told him he could enjoy his grandchildren more if he had a computer and dsl ...

in less than 4 months, he uses email. the web, a (new) digital camera and iphoto (which he loves), google earth, and skype con video

all on a mac ... when my brother (the one that has a pc, not the other mac geek) argued that a pc would be better for him, I said "be my guest" ... so my father experienced a crash, a malfunctioning (deatchable) web camera, and inconsistent behavior for his camera (he couldn't believe that he had to install a driver for it)

macs are so much better for senior citizens

Jack McGinnis
2007-03-12 07:48:03
They make Picasa for mac. Click on the following link. http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/22392
2007-03-12 07:56:38
Jack: The thing you linked to is "Picasa Web Albums" for OS X, essentially a tool for uploading images from your Mac to Google's photo album storage service. Not the same as Picasa, which is a complete photo editing and management application which *also* ties in with Picasa Web Albums.
2007-03-12 07:59:35
Picasa runs fine in Parallels, it's what I'm doing until I can afford Lightroom...
2007-03-12 13:36:33
An alternative to Parallels and a full blown Windows system would be Crossover Mac at http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxmac/
You could download a demo version and look if Picassa runs with it.


Jochen Wolters
2007-03-12 15:17:34

> I also tell everyone who I know that if they buy a mac and don't like it that I'll but it off them

A similar approach works for me: I offer them unlimited free support if they get a Mac, but if -- for whatever reason -- they opt for a Windows box, I kindly ask them to seek help elsewhere. ;)