OS X Server Adds Fun New Bells, Whistles, Needed Fixes

by Tom Bridge

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Weighing in at 121MB, the OS X Server 10.4.3 Update is no spring chicken. But included in the update are numerous fixes to old problems (lookupd chief among them), but what I really want to point out is what andrina at AFP548 wrote about in the update coverage.

I love the login window enhancements. The standard OS X Server login window by itself is fairly neutral, featuring user and password fields and the hostname. But, like the serial number in the About This Mac field, the hostname is a cycling information display:

Ever Changing OS X Server Login Screen

It includes the hostname, time/date, machine serial number, and now it also includes the IP address of the primary network interface, as well as whether or not network accounts are available, something that's becoming more and more crucial.

Ever Changing OS X Server Login Screen 2

The little dot in the window can be green (all accounts available), yellow (some accounts available) or red (no network accounts available). This is a great development, and I hope to see more like it for the Login window.

Little dots? No Little Dots? Thoughts?


2005-11-03 13:00:02
Spring Chicken?
The term "spring chicken" refers to age, specifically being young, not size or weight.
2005-11-03 20:45:04
Not limited to OS X Server
The same information also appears in the non-Server version of OS X at the login window.