OSCON'06 Pre-Convention Post

by Kevin Shockey

Back in Portland again for this week's open source convention. This will be my third, second as a speaker, but my first as a journalist. Early this year I took over the TUX Magazine Editor in Chief position from Nicholas Peterley. TUX Magazine is the first and only magazine for the new Linux user. It's been an exciting and new change for me. This job has been a reset (of sorts) in my life, as I initially started my career by studying journalism before switching to computer science. I feel fortunate that the trajectory of my life and career has brought me back to journalism. Although I still haven't gotten used to thinking of my self as a journalist. I love computers, software development, Linux, and open source so much it is a real privilege to actually write about what I'd be doing anyway.


2006-08-01 06:46:04
bmmmm I love
love you all!