OSCON and Parallel Progamming

by Kevin Farnham

OSCON and Parallel Programming

I'm attending OSCON for the first time, and thoroughly enjoying it. I was briefly anonymously famous during Tim O'Reilly's opening keynote presentation this morning, when Tim put up a slide showing the front page of ThreadingBuildingBlocks.org, a new open source project announced by Intel at OSCON. I wrote the text that introduces the benefits of Threading Building Blocks (TBB) to developers. I'll be actively involved in that project, as community manager, blogger, and in as other ways as they come to mind...

I'm finding that there is a lot of focus on parallel programming and scalable architectures at this particular OSCON conference. I'm spending my time in the sessions that focus in that area. I attended the TBB tutorial yesterday, and right now I'm in the "Nested data parallelism in Haskell" session, given by Simon Peyton Jones of Microsoft Research.

Must listen now!