OSCON crosses the pond

by Matthew Langham

It is not without a warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction that I see O'Reilly has now put up an official EuroOSCON 2005 page with a call for participation. EuroOSCON 2005 will be in Amsterdam from 17th-20th of October. I've been involved in this "project" for the last 3 years - ever since I wrote this post back in 2002. Plenty of emails, talks at EuroFoo last year and meeting up with the Gina and Nat last week at OSBC have finally paid off. So excuse me while I dance a little jig around the table.


2005-04-17 04:16:01
Six months lead-time?
Ugh. Six months announcement lead time isn't enough time to get the headliners to reserve their time. For example, my schedule is planned out a year in advance.

So, this is one OSCON where I won't be, because it wasn't announced soon enough. {sigh}