OSCON day 0: Off to Portland

by Andy Lester

Someone needs to invent a way to prevent the seats on
planes from being tilted back into my lap. Maybe it's just a well-placed bolt. As it is, I'm typing this with the bottom half of my iBook laying on my stomach.
Thank goodness for touch typing.

I tried watching "Fearless", from my stack of "DVDs I've
bought, but never actually watched". Unfortunately, I didn't realize it
starts out with the aftermath of a plane crash, charred bodies
and all, so I didn't want to disturb my seat mates.
Besides, the DVD player is a huge suck on battery life.
Fortunately, iTunes piped through the headphone jack doesn't
seem to have any real extra drain on resources while I play
nethack. I do so love "Candy-O" by the Cars.

Fellow OSCON attendees Arthur Bergman and James Duncan are
about 4 rows back. James will be giving his talk
on Enterprise Perl, which he also gave at YAPC::NA. It was as
much a discussion of coding standards as anything else. He
says he's made changes since Buffalo, so I'm eager to hear it again.

My own talk, "How To Get Hired", hasn't changed any, because
I haven't gotten together with Bill yet about what we're going
to squeeze out. At YAPC, we had twice the time slot than we
will on Thursday, so we have some trimming to do. If you saw us at Buffalo and have any
specific parts that you feel must not be removed, we'd love to
hear them.

I'm still terrible with names and faces. People have been saying hi to me, shaking my hand, and I have to be very apologetic and say "I'm so sorry, what was your name?"

That reminds me, I need to be carrying my little brown sign-in book around with me...


2004-07-25 20:45:42
They exist!
Leave it to my wife to already know about such a device: The Knee Defender.