OSCON Day 1: All Damian, all the time

by Andy Lester

Woke up at 7am, which was just fine with me, since it was a nice late 9am Chicago time.

Damian Conway's "Best Practice Perl" was a godsend. It's a good conference when the first tutorial on the first day pays for itself. The handouts were a much-needed "coding standards for Perl" that goes far beyond the perlstyle man page. I've been working on departmental coding standards, but most of the heavy lifting is in the handout. Of course, he couldn't be perfect, and I couldn't disagree with him more about not using inline POD.

The afternoon brought Damian's "Presentation Aikido," specific and useful information on giving presentations for people like me. It was funny to see how much of his talk echoed my hiring talk on Friday, since job interviews are a subclass of presentations.

Tomorrow: Joe Celko on SQL!


2004-07-27 14:22:09
coding standards for Perl
Is this document available online yet?