OSCON Day 2: Less learnin', more talkin'

by Andy Lester

Fewer sessions today, but far more hallway meetings. I'm still surprised by the long-term effects of the things I've said in the past, and amazed at what a well-connected group we are.

This morning started with Joe Celko's Advanced SQL tutorial, a big disappointment. I'm a huge fan of his SQL For Smarties, but the presentation didn't have any direction. I bailed after 45 minutes to go have a late breakfast / early lunch and crank out slides for my second Lightning Talk.

Somewhere in the halls, someone stopped me and said "Hi, I remember you from last year. You talked about your
10 Favorite Non-O'Reilly Books, and I picked up Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People. You're right, it's great." It's exactly why I gave that five-minute talk, and yet it surprises me (and pleases me) that it actually worked.

I've barely talked to brian d foy, but reading his blog entries still amaze me. I never realized quite how well-known he is. Between him, Bill Odom and Tom Limoncelli, I think they know everyone in this building. And I thought I was sort of well-connected...


2004-07-27 22:50:06
Ah, shucks...
but everyone asks me about you. :)
2004-07-27 23:27:33
Gotta agree with you...
I'm working my way through Covey's book now. Definitely seek first to understand, then be understood is wise counsel in any situation.