OSCON Day 3: Observations


It's day three here at OSCON. The new venue this year (Oregon Convention Center) is beautiful and spacious, but I do miss a certain vibe from the previous two OSCONs at the Marriott in downtown Portland where everyone attended and stayed to congregate in the same places. The sessions were very crowded last year though, so the venue upgrade was inevitable.

Hot topics and observations so far:

  • Perl is dead, long live Ruby (on Rails), PHP, and Ajax. Personally, I'm not buying this theory just yet.

  • Lots of buzz about new O'Reilly sites: O'Reilly Connection, CodeZoo, and Make.

  • It appears there are a lot more females in attendance this year, which is very encouraging.

My lovable boss, Tony Stubblebine, has a nice write-up about the response to the O'Reilly Connection preview on his blog.

CodeZoo has announced new components for Python and Ruby.


2005-08-04 14:59:12
Most importantly
Does the new venue have a good spot for the OPG Office? Are you all staying properly hydrated?
2005-08-04 16:20:13
Most importantly
Unfortunately, our standard OPG Office amenities are not available at the convention center so we're having to make do ;)
2005-08-09 17:09:36
Other OSCON observations
Did you notice that the decreased MySQL presence made Postgresql look a lot more popular. Or maybe Postgresql really is a lot more popular, I've had a ton of people tell me that recently.

Also, not sure how I feel about being lovable.

2005-08-17 20:46:17
Other OSCON observations
My take over the last few years has been that while the buzz is always about MySQL, the enterprise features that people are waiting for in MySQL are already there in Postgresql and have been for a while. MySQL seems to have better marketing and hype, and it's easier to get up and running for projects that start small (like most do). But if you're looking for an open source enterprise database, MySQL just isn't there yet. So maybe greenplum (http://www.greenplum.com/) is onto something?