OSCON Game Show BOF: Whose Line is it Anyway?

by Sarah Burcham

Whose Code is it Anyway? Game Show BOF

Host: Casey West

Comedy Troupe: Damian Conway, Allison Randal, Chip Salzenberg, Nathan Torkington

Casey West hosted the hilarious parody of the British improv comedy show "Whose Line is it Anyway." It's been revamped, regeeked, and recast with some of the sharpest wits in the Open Source Community. This brainchild originated from a dinner discussion during one of O'Reilly's Perl Tour Sessions. Nathan Torkington, Damian Conway, Dave Adler, Mark-Jason Dominus, and Casey West improvised this idea over dinner while discussing some of the quirks of the p5p contigent of the community.

The format of the game show parallels that of the original:
the troupe plays games and acts out various scenes based on information that the host and/or audience make up. The audience contributed quotes, punchlines, and entire scene at the beginning of the session. What better way to see Damian as a track star doing laps around the conference hall in order to win a date with Allison Randal?

Games included 90 Second Alphabet - Each actor says one phrase on their turn, each subsequent phrase must begin with the next letter of the alphabet from the prior one. Actors must complete the 26 phrases within 90 seconds and bonus points for cohesiveness and humour. Other games included Questions, Weird Newscasters, Superheroes, Press Conference, Quick Change, The Dating Game, Worlds Worst, Whose Line is it Anyway, and Scenes from a Hat.

An audience favourite, talk is already looking forwards to next year's follow-up. The word on the conference room floor is that an attendee audition will be held and the charismatic winner will be added to the mix of the comedy group. Want to make Nathan Torkington bark like a dog
in order to win the heart of Damian Conway? Be sure to attend this popular BOF next year. Or, better yet, searching for that perfect public unveiling of your late night hacking repartee? Start sharpening that wit for auditions at next year's OSCON 2003!