OSCON Preview -- A Java Perspective

by Steve Anglin

Related link: http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2002/

Java has arrived at this year's O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON). Unofficially, it's the open source Java confernece out there in the industry. With over 6,000 open source Java projects, someone has to cover it. Why not O'Reilly, the leading open source technology advocate and publisher?

So, if you're a Java developer who is saying, "who cares?" Well, you better. The trend is clearly more open source Java. So, the more you know about developing with the latest and best open source Java projects and tools, the better off you will be. Also, with the economy as it is along with its effects on large, mid and small cap firms, these firms are reacting to increase productivity with less costs. Open source goes a long way to solving many of the problems, and encourages an environment for efficient Java project development. Even financial firms like Morgan Stanley Dean Witter encourages and applies open source Java development and solution.

Come to OSCON and learn about open source Java IDE such as NetBeans and Eclipse for developing GUI and applications in quick, efficient and productive ways. Learn about Web containers such as Tomcat and JBoss as they evolve to be reliable, powerful substitutes for the larger, commercial containers like WebLogic and WebSphere in many situations. Learn about clustering, balancing and other techniques for better Web application development. Also, learn preferences, logging and the new Java I/O, as found in the Java 2SE v.1.4. Even learn about Java XP (extreme programming), Java for Mobile Devices and Mod_Perl, and much much more.

Find it all at the four Java tutorials, running Monday and Tuesday, and the ten scheduled Java sessions, running Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. There are also tutorials and sessions on XML and emerging technologies (i.e., Web services, .NET and wireless, etc.). Moreover, enjoy Java related BOFs in the evenings as well as the keynotes and the good times usually found at the convention's location, sunny San Diego, CA.

So, if you're not too busy and need a summer break or even unemployed looking to sharpen or learn new skills and tools, come to OSCON. Remember, it might be tax deductable (consult your tax specialist or financial advisor to be sure, of course). See you there.