OSCON: Real Live People

by Sarah Burcham

  • Time tested methods of bonding. No no, not superglue and duct tape. There's a lot you can learn about people before they've had coffee and after they've had a drink. Email, irc,and electronic mediums are fabulous for keeping us connected and for making connections we otherwise might never make. But there's so much about a person that doesn't click until you've met them. This morning I met in the flesh two fellow O'Reilly bloggists:
    Peter Wiggin and chromatic, sporting an amazing
    code monkey tshirt. Which leads me to the next benefit...

  • You can more easily steal their stuff. Now, this is only partly about petty thievery. It's also about a bigger, better type of theft - Open Source People. Where better to learn the tricks of how to be a wizard than from the wizards themselves. Mark-Jason Dominus had that idea in his Tricks of the Wizards presentation. There's a lot that makes an alpha geek, mjd can give you the technical side in his talk, but talking to him over a drink can help reveal that je ne sai quoi.
    Buckle your seatbelt.

  • Eat more branez It's easier to hunt when the prey is in the same building.