OSDir.com - Fresh Reviews/Blogs - Monday, Aug 26/02

by Steve Mallett

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I must be crazy thinking anyone would be reading blogs about anything other than wacky Jaguar installations today, but here are some reviews of apps from OSDir.com that seem to be working and stable. Any quirks here?:

Chimera >> MacOSX: Web Broswers

"The Chimera website states that the "focus of this release was speed and stability." Wow. No kidding. This thing is fast"

Kung-Tunes >> MacOSX: Web Logs (Blogs): Hacks

"...a neato little feature for your weblog especially if your readers are particularly fascinated by your every personality quirk like music tastes. "

Give 'em a test drive & let's not just see if they're that good, but if they run well Jaguar too, eh? Report back.

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