OSDir.com - Fresh Reviews/Blogs - Thursday, Aug 29/02

by Steve Mallett

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Today's yummy OSDir.com application-goodness comes from the wonderful worlds of XML and Java.

Our appetizer is Apache::Cocoon >> All Platforms: Web Publishing

"...Flexible publishing (i.e. for browsers, mobiles, in format such as PDF or SVG etc.), integration of data-sources (Cocoon contains ready-to-use components for integrating databases, ldap directories, XML via http etc.) and an extensible Java framework..."

And for a full course, jPOS >> All Platforms: Financial/P.O.S. (Point of Sale)

"...jPOS saved my company hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are in the financial/payments world, you will be amazed of the extremely high quality and supported work..."

Stop in for a coffee or tea and for desert let us know what you think of these and other apps.