OSDir.com - Fresh Reviews/Blogs - Tues, Sept 03/02

by Steve Mallett

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Welcome back from your long weekend you Canucks and Yanks. Now get to work having fun with these apps from OSDir.com:

OroborOSX >> MacOSX: Window Managers

"... instead of learning new commands or shortcuts it's nice to use the same app on another platform. I'm sure if you use the other apps listed above you'd appreciate using Oroborosx on your mac laptop if you on the road or on the deck..."

Mozilla >> All Platforms: Web Browsers

"Web browsers are hardly cutting-edge technology, but still... isn't time you had one that didn't crash and didn't try to get you change your homepage to msn.com all the time? "

We're also always on the look-out for new reviews so stop in to tell us about open source apps that are rocking you world.