OSPedia: Open Source Wiki

by Steve Mallett

Related link: http://ospedia.osdir.com

In the last couple of months I've fallen in love with the wiki as a collaborative tool, as a fun tool, and as a community tool.

I started playing with them after using the one that was set up for the Emerging Technology Conf. this spring. What was facinating was there was no barrier to participating. No logins required, no fancy coding skills required and everyone is invited to participate. And everyone did.

In a wiki everyone has permission to change any page. Sounds a bit scary, but since everyone can have their say there really is no incentvie to "own" a page or site. You already do. It comes that way.

Over the past month I had the privledge of working on the newly launched Java.net Javapedia. While the project had a benevolent dictator, as any good project has, we were invited to start the javapedia from scratch with whatever we wanted.

As it started to come together it was a great community builder as I started going through what others were adding to the wiki & discovered what my fellow wiki contributor's interests were. I started with open source apps written in Java. Big surprise, but everyone stuck to their thing and most are still contributing.

Then, the "unofficial" OSCON 2003wiki popped up.

Now, I don't pretend to be brilliant, but I recognize good ideas when I see them. I find "A"s to add to "B"s and make "C"s.

"A" is the JavaPedia, "B" is the unofficial OSCON wiki, and for me this equals "C": OSPedia - The Open Source wiki.

Everyone and anyone is invited ...and, it's official.


2008-04-30 07:58:52
Wiki's are a great tool for all industries. It's amazing how a non-restrictive collaborative business tool such as the Javapedia brings together relevant information in such an organized manner. There's a lot of room for small business owners and high tech executives to use Wikis to develop their website and their company. Thanks for the Javapedia link - going to check it out!

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