Other Great things about Squeezebox and Slimp3

by Chris DiBona

Like many, I'm a happy slimp3 owner, and while I covet their new squeezebox appliance, my real joy is having the slimp3 server software. It is fantastic. Considering the recent interview here on O'Reilly, I felt that readers might like to get a picture of some of the benefits of the slimp3 server software for those who don't own a slim player.

About 3 years ago, I ripped my entire cd collection of about 400 cds onto a networked drive at my house and put it onto a networked drive. I promptly began to hate my archive. Due to poor planning, the tags stank and titles were just barely accurate. The archive was hard to enjoy and use. As it grew with my collection, it became less useful. Less useful until I installed the slimp3 server software on my server.

The slimp3 software hosts not just the slimp3 hardware but every standard mp3 stream playing program out there, which as you know covers every platform that matters (sorry, wang vs users!) and, most importantly, provides a extremely usable web based interface for my archive. I can stream different music to multiple machines in the house at once and find music very quickly by genre, artist, song, etc and via the search mechanism.

So, if you have a large archive of music, go and download the slimp3 server software, you won't regret it. The only caveat is that you'll really want to buy a squeezebox to feed if you do.

All hail the Slimp3 server software.


2003-12-08 04:48:03
I'd love one of those devices, but for now Apache::MP3 will have to do. It's a great piece of MP3 serving software for mod_perl/apache.


2003-12-08 11:12:46
It is nice software, indeed, but you should check out the slimp3 software, it is certainly easy to install and works with xmms, winamp,etc...