Our Macworld Wishes

by Bruce Stewart

Not surprisingly, our great crew of bloggers here on Mac DevCenter have plenty of thoughts and opinions on what they'd like to see unveiled at Macworld next week. Here's our rundown, and we'd love to hear your wishes too -- just add them in the comments section at the end. And if you're going to be at the show next week, check out all of the O'Reilly activities and make sure to stop by the O'Reilly booth and say "hi".


Eric Hudon
2007-01-07 11:05:27
I would like the end of the brushed metal interface, a Finder that doesn't suck that much. Sorry I'm a mac head, but the windows explorer still beats the Finder (at least it was before vista). I would like an alternative to the bulkiest thing I've even seen on the mac..: The Dock. Come on, Apple is much more capable than the Dock. Quick Silver anyone ?
2007-01-07 12:10:04
"Inside that box there'd be room for two hard drives and an optical drive, and thanks to a single expansion slot, you could easily put in a high(er)-end graphics card if you so desire. Throw in five USB and three FireWire (think mLAN!) ports, and you'd have an awesome machine for pro-sumer audio and video production. Oh, and it'd be great for gamers, too!"

I would order this one minute after its release, as long as a decent graphics card was an option; an X1600 at the least. The Mac Pro is overkill for what I need, but two internal drives would be nice and I already have a monitor that works quite well.

2007-01-07 12:26:17
Buy Parallels and make this superb app part of the os.
William Dillon
2007-01-07 13:35:09
1. Mac Pro: Dual Intel Kentfields.

2. Ultra portable laptop: think Fujitsu P-series

Kevin McEnhill
2007-01-07 14:53:45
1. Mac OS X/iWork/iLife support for non-.Mac domains!!!! Go ahead and default everything to .Mac but let me publish someplace else like iCal does.

2. ZFS as the default file system.

3. An iTV (or what ever it will be called) that actually belongs in the living room, not as an extension of the computer room.

4. A better Pages application.

5. A spreadsheet.

2007-01-07 15:56:53
iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone iPhone.

And Mac minis getting Core Duo 2.

Justin B
2007-01-07 16:24:03
I'm hoping for a smaller form factor iSight camera. I know most are thinking of display integration, but I'm hoping for something a bit different for those without a budget for the Apple displays.
SiR Gad
2007-01-07 16:31:24
An improved Finder, SIP support for iChat, native GTK+ and the option to specify a partition for virtual memory. Oh, and a vastly improved QT 7, because it now runs like a dog on my 800MHz G4. (PS Check out the results to a similar Leopard-only poll over on AppleMatters:

2007-01-07 20:15:46
These suggestions are great, especially the ultrathin mac. Apple next step should be to produce a solid state computer, no drives. Go back to the original toolkit in ROM. Removable solid state mass storage. Perhaps this could be the hybrid notebook/tablet.

What we don't need is Parallels in the OS. This is bloat. What we do need is the MS Windows API cloned. The WINE/Cygwin solution saves us $300 on an OS that we may not even have the licensing rights to use under a VM.

2007-01-07 20:50:40
All I want is a 12" Mac Book Pro under 2 kgs. I still think nothing on the Apple line-up beats my 2 year old Powerbook G4 12" for portability and style.
2007-01-07 21:42:14
Sorry about this but wish-list items for oreilly blogs:
1. Don't put as your rss summary the entire article. It is a *summary* after all. Sheesh.
2. Keep up the good content though.
2007-01-07 22:35:05
i aggree with everything chris stone said. im less inthuzed about 6 and i would kind of like xfs or zfs support in tiger, but thats asking to much at this point. Would it have killed them to add ext3 support to tiger, just to mount? could anyone port ext3 or 4 or even 2 to mac please?
Istvan Belanszky
2007-01-08 02:39:49
nehemiah: Ext2/3 for OS X, with Preferences Panel integrated management tool:

I am using it since 2004, works perfect, and has the obligatory command line tools ('fsck_ext2' etc.) as well.

2007-01-08 05:11:54
Here's my wish list:
1. iTV with an updated version of iTunes allowing me to rip my DVDs (and I'm ready to accept some DRM protections if it makes the majors happy)
2. iPhone so I can achieve a seamless integration with the iSync (assuming it has PDA functionalities)
3. iTablet with 10+ hours of battery time and remote control SW to orchestrate the video and audio broadcast from the main Mac while surfing the web and checking email
Mark Hunte
2007-01-08 16:13:35
A real (Mac os x) PDA so I can get rid of the crap Widows PDA for ever, (a iPDA if you will..) :-)
Fully reworked and improved Finder (because lets face it, it can not get worse..
A better Applescript environment with the libraries for the iApps made complete.
Cheaper, better .Mac

Apple NOT to License to Dell for Mac OS X.

.Ooh and World Peace. :-)