out with the old (name that is)

by pat eyler

Jamis Buck got a cease and desist letter about SwitchTower, his deployment management software. It seems that another company (I'm not linking to them, because I don't want to give them the publicity) has used the name for teleconferencing software and thought application deployment was too close to their niche.


2006-03-06 09:34:13
I'm sure it's not that they thought it was too close to their niche, it's that they thought it was higher in google results than their product, and they've got lawyers.
2006-03-07 05:54:44
I don't doubt that you're right. I was shooting for sarcasm, and obviously missed the mark.
2006-03-07 08:33:11
Whatever. Jamis probably didn't realize there was another app called SwitchTower. Probably benefits both parties that it was cleared up before it became commonplace.