Outdated browser discontinued: a world shrugs

by Giles Turnbull

Microsoft's decision to end support for IE on the Mac surprised no-one, and should be little concern to anyone either.

Few people have been using Mac IE for ages now. Since the arrival of Safari (and its automatic placement on the Dock of every new Mac), there's been very little interest by new users of OS X; and old-timers know enough about browsers to make a more informed choice.

The more interesting news of the day is that the price of BBEdit has been cut in half. Well, in a manner of speaking it has.

If you buy BBEdit straight from the Bare Bones Software online store, you'll be asked to pay $199. But if you download and register TextWrangler first (price: $0), you can then 'crossgrade' to a full copy of BBEdit for just $99. And that's not a short-term Christmas special offer, it's a permanent new price structure.

So, just to make clear: no-one ever need pay the full price for BBEdit ever again. As long as you're prepared to spend five minutes installing TextWrangler first, you'll make a $100 saving.

Another interesting new thing today, is that the team behind the Near-Time information management applications have created a new online service, Near-Time.net, that replicates much of the same functionality on the web. If you've ever used the Near-Time desktop apps (Current and Flow) you'll instantly see their close resemblance to this new hosted version. Currently beta-tests are by invitation only, but if you're interested and you ask nicely, the Near-Time guys might well throw an invite your way.

Hands up if you're going to miss IE.


2005-12-19 12:09:54
Microsoft used to make a web browser? ;D
2005-12-19 12:24:00
Good, next!
Now if only they'd come clean and officially cancel Windows Media Player.
2005-12-19 16:25:50
As far as I can remember no one *ever* needed to pay full price: the "cross-grade" was always available. Strikes me as insane marketing, but they've been around a while:-)

I can only surmise that sales have dropped somewhat, which is not all that surprising when TextWrangler is a pretty good BBEdit substitute for 90% of users.

Paul (not-that-recent BBEdit => TextMate migrant)

2005-12-20 00:30:15
Good, next!
Don't Cancel WMP. Rebuild it to work better with Quicktime (such as - ahem - BEING ABLE TO EXPORT PROPERLY), but don't cancel it. (It aggrevates me to find I can't view something because some idiot decides to follow all of that DRM BS and use WM10 codecs, thus making said video unviewable unless I get on a PC. Get your collective heads out of your butts and start making available options for those of us on Macs.)
2005-12-20 05:23:35
IE-only sites still lurk
Unfortunately, there are still many sites that require IE that are still out there. Some of them are essential to my clients' jobs. I'm making sure that I have downloaded installers of both current versions of IE so that for users of 8-9 or X, I can provide them with a working copy. The alternatives are to send them to a Windows PC or install VPC.
2005-12-20 11:53:01
IE-only sites still lurk
Yeah, a friend of mine says www.bancofamerica.com doesn't work properly with Safari or Firefox so (sadly and unfortunately) he had to resort to using IE. It's hard to boycott sites you rely on for financial transactions.
2005-12-20 13:32:21
IE-only sites still lurk
Or, if they're in a mixed environment, they can use RDC. Microsoft's client for the Mac is a free download.
2005-12-20 13:33:03
IE-only sites still lurk
Odd, it works with Safari on my Powerbook.
2005-12-20 15:37:15
IE-only sites still lurk
Your friend may need to revisit the site. I do all my banking online with Bank of America, and the site doesn't seem to mind either Safari (2.02) or Firefox (1.5)