Out-Of-Office Processing with Asterisk

by Bruce Stewart

111-Asterickooop.gifIn his latest ETel article, Matthew Gast explains how he set up his home Asterisk system to handle his out-of-office call processing needs. This detailed article includes the code Matthew used to allow and validate user input of the time and date for when out-of-office processing should be used.

One of my primary motivations for setting up my own Asterisk system was my travel schedule. I had an impossibly complex series of rules that I wanted people calling me to follow about when to use my home phone, when to use my cell phone, and how to avoid disturbing me when I was far from home. With Asterisk, I could set those rules down in code and allow callers to use one number to reach me. My initial project was to enable remote SIP extensions to keep track of the local time at my remote site and avoid bothering me at inappropriate times.