Overlooked iTunes UI Elements

by Erica Sadun

I thought I'd throw together a collection of my favorite half-dozen overlooked iTunes UI features. These range from the fairly unobvious to the very unobvious, so your mileage may vary from mine. Feel free to add your own personal suggestions to the comments.


Phil Dokas
2006-07-19 14:47:48
If you option-click on the circled arrow next to a track it'll immediately take you to that song in your Library. Furthermore, you can toggle the behavior by way of the shell command "defaults write com.apple.iTunes invertStoreLinks -bool YES". For playlist-heavy setups, this is a godsend.
Josh Peters
2006-07-19 14:55:25
The gray arrow that lets you toggle your way through the display is useful, but mainly I find it annoying as iTunes keeps changing the display when I'm looking for something specific (like, how is my progress during my iPod update going?). I think it should behave differently based upon if I clicked it or not, as it would be more useful to me then :)
Jacob Elder
2006-07-19 17:57:47
The video playback window needs to be a first-class window. It's way too easy to loose it. Why isn't it available in the "Window" drop down menu? Once Apple corrects that, maybe they can do something about the jittery playback, and perhaps not black out my other monitors when playing videos full screen. Or just use play everything in a separate QuickTime window. That's my iTunes rant for the day.
Joshua Emmons
2006-07-19 19:33:40
My favorite iTunes interface feature may also be its most subtle. When iTunes is not in "mini-player" mode, clicking on the forward/back/play/pause buttons brings iTunes to the front and makes it the active application. But when iTunes is in mini mode, clicking on these buttons performs their given action without focusing iTunes. So if you're writing a blog entry, for example, and want to skip a song, you just click on the mini-iTune's "next" button and keep on typing! No need to click on your browser again.
Shashwat Parhi
2006-07-19 20:25:19
What would be really helpful is if I could 'see' whether a certain track in the iTunes Music Store is already in my library. So often I am browsing the iTMS and don't remember whether I already own a certain track. Maybe pressing option should switch all the grey circled arrows into coloured ones to show that those tracks in the iTMS are already in my library. Wouldn't that be cool? We don't even need to wasted an extra column for that.
2006-07-20 02:10:32
Great! thank you!!
2006-07-20 08:36:39
Wow, used the right click on the gray arrow and it got me to a library search view. How does one go back to the original view?


2006-07-20 08:38:39
Never mind...
2006-09-29 19:18:25
You can NOT playback anything in itunes that will play in quicktime player. I have several xvid avi movies that quicktime player cranks through fine but itunes won't touch (or import in anyway).

I'd love it if someone could point out something I'm missing, cause I'd love to have them in front row...