Oxygen 7.2 Now Available

by M. David Peterson

So at the beginning of the week I learned of the new 7.2 release of Oxygen. For those unaware I am a HUGE fan of Oxygen, as is Kurt, Sylvain, Russ, and TONS of other folks in whom I have worked with or in whom I know for various reasons feel the exact same way that I do.

So its not surprising for me to get pretty excited with each new release, as I have come to expect nothing but a fantastic list of features from George and company to come along for the new release ride.

This time around is definitely no different, but the one feature that I am EXTREMELY excited about is:


Tim O'Brien
2006-06-11 20:32:02
Reports from the field, Oxygen 7.2 is a good upgrade. I noticed a marginal improvement in speed and stability. The product is definitely worth an upgrade.
M. David Peterson
2006-06-12 18:45:05
Very nice!

Thanks for the info Tim!

I agree... and am REALLY pleased with the SVN client. It states "experimental" on the startup splash screen, but from my experience thus far, this is far beyond experimental, and well into "default svn client".

Charles Foster
2008-02-10 12:56:31
I'd like to see support for the Sedna XML Database. The database is fast, reliable and ready for production grade apps.
2008-05-09 07:42:43
Tx Tim !

But is it slow as it is a Java Application ?

Could u compare with XMLSpy or EditiX - XML Editor ?

2008-05-09 07:43:53
Forget :

Xmlspy : http://www.xmlpsy.com
EditiX-XML editor: http://www.editix.com