Palm releases low cost Z22 and mid-priced TX

by Todd Ogasawara

NOTE: Both photos linked directly from the site

Palm released the $99 Z22 (with 160x160 color LCD) and $299 TX (with both Bluetooth and WiFI and a 320x480 color LCD). It will be interesting to see what Palm OS fans think about these new budget priced PDA entries.
The Z22 is the lowest priced PDA I know of.
However, it sacrifices screen resolution and music/video playback.
The TX is the lowest priced PDA with both Bluetooth and WiFi (it also has 128MB internal RAM).
It also has a relatively high resolution 320x480 color LCD.
However, it cannot record voice memos and has a relatively slow 312MHz processor (compared to the 416MHz processors in the T5 and LifeDrive).

Palm Z22 product page

Palm TX product page

I'll wager (figuratively, of course :-) that both units will sell pretty well at their budget price points.

Buying a Z22 or TX? Let us know what you think of your new PDA!