Palm Treo 700w running Windows Mobile 5 is here!

by Todd Ogasawara

Typical Pocket PC Phone Edition Today screen


Typical Pocket PC Phone Edition Today screen compared to the Treo 700w Today screen (Treo screen grabbed from's web site)

The eagerly anticipated Palm Treo 700w Pocket PC Phone Edition is available through Verizon Wireless.
Although there are other Phone Edition and Smartphone devices based on Windows Mobile 5, the great Treo form factor and unique Palm touches to the Windows Mobile interface will attract a lot of current Windows Mobile device users (and maybe even a few Palm OS users).

One Palm modification to the Windows Mobile 5 based Phone Edition is the Today Screen (the first screen you see when you turn on a Phone Edition device).
The screen cap on the top is from a typical Pocket PC Phone Edition device (Windows Mobile 5 based).
As you can see, there is not much there that differentiates it from a Pocket PC without phone capabilities.
The bottom screen cap is from's Treo 700w page describing their enhanced Today screen.
In addition to the smaller square screen (240x240 instead of the 240x320 or 480x640 pixels on most Phone Edition devices), you can see the phone-centric touches right away.

Palm Treo 700w Product Information Page

I hope a GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UTMS version becomes available soon so I can try a 700w myself (unless Verizon Wireless reads these sorts of blogs and is willing to loan me one now :-)

Got a Treo 700w? Let us know how you like it.


Rom Mattesich
2006-03-10 07:37:03
GSM version of TREO 700 is a must for people who use this gizmo as a tool rather than a toy. Furthermore, whatever happened to Pocket Access synching with Microsoft Access data base. Activesynch 4.1 omitted this feature, superimportant for business folks