PalmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager: Is it cool or too big for today's comsumer tastes?

by Todd Ogasawara

The US$499 PalmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager with its 4GB integrated microdrive is stirring a lot of interest in the PDA world.
It doesn't appear to be available for purchase quite yet, but there are a bunch of preview reviews available:

And, of course, you can also visit the
PalmOne LifeDrive Mobile Manager product page.

Even a Microsoft Windows Mobile fan like me has to be at least a little interested in this new PalmOne offering.
Its integrated WiFi (802.11b) and Bluetooth (1.1) adds to its attraction to mobile multimedia geeks.
I'm a little surprised that it does not have an integrated digital camera given its marketing skew as a photo and video viewing device.

I wonder if its $499 price tag will have potential device consumers (like me) wondering whether something like an Apple iPod color with a 30GB (vs. 4GB) hard drive for $349 might be a better buy for listening to music and viewing photos (but not videos).
Or, if you want to watch video with millions of colors instead of the 65K colors available on the LifeDrive (or Pocket PCs for that matter), perhaps the Sony Playstation Portable is a better choice.

Nintendo's announcement of its
Gameboy Micro
and the increasing popularity of micro-sized phones, MP3 players, and even digital cameras (see my
Canon Powershot SD200 review)
makes me wonder if anything larger than a mobile phone has mass appeal these days.

Buying a PalmOne LifeDrive? Let us know what PDA you use know and how the LifeDrive will change your daily PDA habits.