Interview: Tom Conrad, Pandora's CTO

by Brad Fuller

Join me as I talk to Pandora's CTO Tom Conrad about his OpenSource initiative and the Music Genome Project.

Pandora is primarily based on open source software - from the PostgresSQL database running in Debian Linux to the web client developed in OpenLaszlo. Check out "Inside Pandora: Web Radio That Listens to You for a technical look inside the box and how they provide personal enjoyment to 2.5 million registered listeners with Pandora's unique music-matching analysis.

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Rick Richardson
2006-09-19 08:22:32
Maybe the server is Linux. But firefox/linux breaks up when playing a song from Pandora. You have to be nuts to turn a 1000 dollar computer into something that breaks up the audio.

Yes, I have AMD 3000+ and 5 mbit service from RoadRunner.

Brad Fuller
2006-09-19 11:11:09
Hi Rick,
You might be suffering from the way firefox works in Linux. I'm running FC5 and both firefox and opera have a problem - they do not use ALSA but OSS.
Even if I start opera with the aoss wrapper: "aoss opera", I still have a problem.