Parallels Desktop for Mac (Beta) Build 3036

by Todd Ogasawara

Parallels released a new beta (Build 3036) of Parallels Desktop for Mac (my personal favorite Mac App of the Year). The list of enhancements and new features is long... really long. Head over to the forum posting at Parallels to read the full details.

Parallels Desktop for Mac (Beta) Build 3036

A couple of the ones that interest me most are:

  • Drag and drop files and folders between Windows and Mac
  • Read/write Apple Boot Camp partition
  • Coherence: Display individual Windows apps as if they were Mac OS X apps

Windows Vista Build 5744 froze at startup after rebooting to install the new Parallels Tools for Windows. But, hey, its a beta. And, maybe I missed a step somewhere when upgrading Parallels Tools. In any case, I have a backup image of it and can either try again with that or install a real released Build 6000 instead.

I'm upgrading my Parallels virtual machine of Ubuntu Linux as I type this blog item. And, that seems to be going well. I can try Vista again later.


Marc D
2006-12-05 08:45:47
I'm using it. The coherence is awesome. Just like using classic. Your boot camp partition has to be NTFS (they are working on a fix). But with drag and drop, it didn't matter to me. I converted it using the command line launching from boot camp. I don't use any games, but the microsoft suite and some programming GUIs work great. Only thing missing for my needs is USB 2.0. It's changing the way I work.