Parallels Desktop for Mac Beta 2 Includes USB 2.0 Support

by Todd Ogasawara

Parallels released Parallels Desktop for Mac Beta-2. This beta update addresses what I'm guessing is one of the most asked for features: USB 2.0 support (vs. the slower USB 1.1). The USB 2.0 support is not complete yet as Parallels admits in their press release: Work with critical USB 2.0 devices like external hard drive, printers, and scanners at full native speeds. Just plug and play! A heads up; "isynchronous" devices like Bluetooth devices, webcams, etc. do not work with USB 2.0 yet, but we're working hard to get them up and running.

Parallels Transporter lets you migrate a VMware Workstation or Microsoft Virtual PC image to Parallels. Add all this to the Coherence mode made available in the first beta and enhanced in this one and you have to wonder how VMware's Fusion for the Mac will fare when they release their first public beta (presumably in a few weeks during Macworld).