Parallels Desktop for Mac demo video

by Todd Ogasawara

Parallels released the production version of their virtualization software for Intel-based Macs. I downloaded it this evening and took it for a test drive using a Windows XP SP2 Guest OS I installed under the earlier Release Candidate 2 version. It worked fine as expected. For those of you who have not seen Parallels Desktop for Mac shift between a window on top of Mac OS X to full-screen mode, I created a short video to show you what it looks like.


Zen Architect
2006-07-26 18:18:37
Here is a summary of my first 15 days with Parallels Desktop:
The Parallels Desktop Experience
2006-09-29 12:06:02
Quick question....would you suggest using parallels on a 1GB of Ram. I want to use this system for Graphic Design....I would have to load Adobe Production Premium Suite on top of all this. I never owned a Mac, therefore I really dont understand the specs. Please help me out.
Todd Ogasawara
2006-10-01 19:46:13
SabrinaTaylor: My opinion is that 1GB is the minimum reasonably required for effective use of Parallels Desktop for Mac. If you can afford more (say 2GB), it would be good to have the extra RAM. The Adobe products are pretty heavy duty though. And, I have not tried them in a virtualized environment. You may want to check around before doing so to make sure you can get the kind of performance you expect. You may want to wait for the Universal version of Adobe's products for Mac OS X.