Parallels Desktop for Mac RC2 (list price went up to $79.95)

by Todd Ogasawara

The Parallels Desktop for Mac virtualization software is in Release Candidate 2 stage.and includes the Compressor utility to reduce guest OS virtual disk space use. The list price went up from $49.95 to $79.95 but the pre-order price remained at $39.95. So, I pre-ordered my copy this morning. I'm downloading the RC2 version this evening (still a free test drive) to test it out on a MacBook.


2006-05-31 11:10:59
wow, it went up $30? i guess they see a potential goldmine in this thing...either that or by raising the "list" price they get people like you and me to buy it NOW at $39.95 when we would've waited a few months and probably paid $49.95 later. a little bit of money now is probably better than a little more money later, i guess...
Eric Shepherd
2006-05-31 11:16:04
Well, the $30 hike is because they added Compressor to it, which was previously going to be sold separately for $39.95. I'm not convinced I need Compressor, but the price hike isn't exactly out of line, I guess.

I will say that I'm glad I bought my two copies (one for my MacBook Pro and one for my iMac) before the price went up though.

2006-05-31 16:45:18
If I have already installed XP using Boot Camp what do I need to do to use this? Can I use the same disk since it's on the same machine or am I supposed to delete to XP partition and reinstall it in a virtual machine?
2006-06-01 00:18:23
I may well be a sucker, but this pushed me into pre-ordering a copy of the application despite the fact that I don't even own an Intel Mac yet. Since I'm planning on getting a 17" MacBook Pro with a Merom processor when they are released, I figure that I might as well pay $39.99 now rather than fork out $79.99 in a few months. Still, it does feel kinda dumb to own a license for something I can't even use...
Todd Ogasawara
2006-06-01 02:29:02
Patrick: Bootcamp is a dual-boot solution that requires a fixed hard drive segment (partition) dedicated to Windows XP. Moreover, when Windows XP is running, Mac OS X is unavailable. Parallels provides a virtualization solution that runs Windows XP (or Linux or other OSes) at the same time Mac OS X is running. Windows XP is a Guest OS in virtualization jargon. So, for example, while Microsoft Visio was installing under Windows XP, I was in a Mac OS X Thunderbird session checking my mail and using Firefox to sur the web.
Todd Ogasawara
2006-06-01 02:31:37
Kelmon: I did a similar thing and didn't feel like a sucker. Check out my old article about buying a Mac mini last year (Mac Mini Eye for the Linux-Windows Guy. Like you I bought a bunch of stuff way before my Mac mini arrived. BTW, I think you'll find Parallels Desktop a useful tool on your future MacBook Pro.
2006-06-01 06:20:30
Yes, I know the difference between booting into Windows via bootcamp and running in a virtual machine. What I wanted to know was can I install a seperate instance of Window off the same CD since? It will be a seperate installation but not running at the same time and is coming from the same machine? Or do I have to delete my Windows partition to legally run Windows in a parallels environment? I'd like the option to do either? I'd like to be able to boot in on the seperate partition to do things like play games or other video intensive stuff but be able to have quick access to a virtual machine to check pages in Internet Explorer, help clients running Windows with issues, etc. We run a home business so no I'm not playing games at "the office".
Todd Ogasawara
2006-06-01 11:44:13
Patrick: Good question (can you run the same licensed copy of Windows on both a Bootcamp partition and as a Parallels Guest OS). I'm not and attorney. So, I can't provide any legal insight. Here's a lay practical opinion, however. I'll guess that Microsoft won't go after a person with a legal copy who is running two instances of a licensed product on a single PC one at a time. In other words, it is impossible to run Windows XP simultaneously under Bootcamp and Parallels. However, note that there is a single digit finite (5?) number of times you can reinstall Windows before needing to call Microsoft to activate the copy (for updates, etc.). That is why I did not activate my copy of Windows under Parallels since there is the possibility that I may need to wipe it out when I eventually migrate to the released production version. I didn't want to waste an activation on a something that may only run for 30 to 45 days.
John Freshley
2006-07-14 12:43:39
Now that I have installed PDTweaker - Parallels works pretty well for me, but I have already set up a lot of apps with Boot Camp and a dedicated virtual Windows drive.

Any ideas on how I could migrate from Bootcamp to Parallels?

2007-12-13 07:03:47
Parallels’ ability to run nearly every version of Windows, along with many versions of Unix and Linux, makes it a valuable tool for anyone using an Intel-based Mac who has a need or desire to work with other operating systems. If your job requires Windows, but you love your Mac and OS X, Parallels will truly give you the best of both worlds. If you put your Parallels session in full screen mode, anyone walking by won’t even be able to tell that under the Windows fa├žade, you’re actually running the world’s greatest operating system.