Parallels Desktop for Mac Release Candidate

by Todd Ogasawara

Parallels renamed their virtualization software for Intel-based Macs (formerly Parallels Workstation) and went from a beta-release to a release candidate:

Parallels Desktop for Mac RC

Now, I have something to look forward to while I obsessively check the progress of my MacBook as it travels from Suzhou, China to the U.S. :-) I'm also wondering how Photoshop Elements 4 runs in Rosetta on the MacBook.


Sancho Neves-Gra├ža
2006-05-19 15:47:02
I am also happy that Parallels Desktop for Mac is reaching its first stable release, as that will mean that I can have all the applications needed for my software development work in a MacBook Pro 17" (instead of client applications in my PowerBook G4 17" with Mac OS X and server applications in a remote sever with Linux).
Steve Walizer
2006-05-20 09:18:26
I've been using Parallels for a while and just pre-ordered with the release of the RC. It works very well on my MacBook Pro, and allows me to test the web UI for the forensics application I'm developing in IE without needing to reboot or use a separate machine.
Winfried Maus
2006-05-21 03:52:15
If you want a software in the price range of Photoshop Elements, but with more features and universal binary support, look at PhotoLine32. It also supports RAW formats, even that of my Pentax *istDS. Compared to that, Photoshop Elements is just a crippled software at a rip-off price, which is why I did not upgrade from version 3 to 4.
Zen Architect
2006-07-26 18:20:00
Here is a summary of my first 15 days with Parallels Desktop:
The Parallels Desktop Experience