Parrot 0.4.15 Released

by chromatic

On behalf of the Parrot team, Patrick Michaud released Parrot "Augean Stable" 0.4.15. The most important feature in this release is the addition of the NQP compiler. NQP is a stripped-down version of Perl 6 suitable for writing compiler transformations.

Within the next day or so (if it hasn't happened already), NQP should displace PIR (Parrot's native assembly language with a touch of syntactic sugar) as the preferred language for writing compilers. NQP's also a useful language in its own right; by the time you read this, it might already be capable of using libraries and objects written in other languages running atop Parrot.

Also of note is that Gabor Szabo has written guidelines on smoke-testing Parrot. If you have a machine with spare cycles (and especially a machine somewhat more exotic than x86 Linux), you would do the Parrot porters a great service by reporting tests results.


2007-09-01 01:15:15
The correct link to the NQP README