Parrot 0.5.1 and a Surprise for Perl's 20th Birthday

by chromatic

As you may know already, Perl 5.10 came out today. Today is also Perl's 20th anniversary (see also Perl Simplifies the Labyrinth that is Programming Language -- and to be fair, Perl doesn't include David Bowie in extra eye makeup and tight pants).

You might not know that the Parrot porters have released Parrot 0.5.1. It's pure happy coincidence that the monthly release cycle of Parrot coincides with Perl's 20th anniversary, but in honor of the occasion, there's a nice puny easter egg in this release that might bring back a stab of nostalgia. It's an interesting comparison of how far the language and platform have evolved in two decades. Oh yes, and the Parrot tarball also contains an implementation of Perl 6 which has made tremendous progress in the past month.