Parrot 0.6.2 Reverse Sublimation Released (and Perl 6 Progress)

by chromatic

You know the drill by now. You can read the Parrot 0.6.2 release announcement on your own.

User-visible improvements include a tremendous amount of progress in Rakudo (Perl 6 on Parrot), including better object orientation, placeholder variables, and type checking. Much of this progress is due to two grants, one from the Mozilla Foundation for Patrick Michaud and the other from the Vienna Perl Mongers to Jonathan Worthington. By next month's release, Rakudo very well may be mature enough that you can use it for your own projects. (IO needs a little work right now, and there are a couple of variable handling and assignment features in progress, but it's very close.)

Other changes include tremendous improvements in performance (I doubled the speed of some long-running benchmarks) even without building an optimized build -- but optimized builds work even faster now. There are also new OpenGL bindings in progress (and you can make and animate pretty pictures) now, as well as a resurrected Cardinal (Ruby on Parrot).

If we're very fortunate, Rakudo and perhaps Cardinal will be able to use the SDL and OpenGL bindings by the next release.

Finally, the tutorial language Squaak (see Building a Compiler with Parrot Tutorial or the Squaak Tutorial wikibook) is now in the repository, so if you've ever dreamed of writing your own language, you can well and truly get started in an afternoon without diving into lex and yacc.