Parrot Bug Day on 17 Februrary

by chromatic

The third monthly Parrot Bug Day will take place on 17 February 2007. I suspect one of the big pushes this week will be to divide up the work for the new metamodel design introduced earlier this week. As usual, there will be various cleanups in preparation for a new release next week, as well as any training and help and advice necessary for new hackers who want to get into Parrot development.

Personally, I hope to fix Parrot::Embed's in-tree build so that it uses the normal Configure/make process portably, as well as to make the PBC to C transliterator work on multiple platforms.

As a side note, Ohloh's Parrot Metrics Report has some very interesting statistics, such as the estimate that Parrot is worth $2.25 million in development time. (I think it severely underestimated the amount of code I've checked in, but even still.)