Patrick Michaud on the Parrot Compiler Toolkit

by chromatic

Patrick Michaud gave Rakudo Perl Talk to the Dallas/Fort Worth Perl Mongers last month. These slides are a great overview of the current status of Parrot's Compiler Toolkit and Rakudo Perl 6.

Of particular note is Effectiveness of the Parrot Compiler Toolkit, which suggests that an initial port of Python 2.5 to Parrot took six hours and a port of LOLCODE took four hours. These are powerful tools, and they're only getting more so.


2008-05-05 11:35:47
So is Perl 6 going to run on Parrot this decade?
2008-05-05 11:53:11
@James, Perl 6 has run on Parrot for months. See the Rakudo link in the post. If you want to try the absolute latest version, see building Parrot from source.