Paying for software with a cellphone

by Giles Turnbull

UPDATE: Christoph Priebe has explained this payment system in much more detail. See the end of the post for his comments.

Posterino is one of the more interesting new apps I have had cause to write about in recent months. It’s like Pages for your photos, offering pre-packaged templates for turning photos into attractive posters, leaflets, cards and more.

One of the newer features is a built-in postcard sending service, where you design your card in Posterino, then with a simple payment it gets printed and posted for you automatically. No trip to the post office required.

What’s coolest of all is how you pay for this service. You can simply type your cell phone number into a box, to pay via your phone account. A confirmation SMS message will be sent to the phone number you enter (to prevent you entering the numbers of your enemies, obviously) and once replied to, your postcard is on its way. That’s assuming you have a cellphone contract with the right company, in the right country.


2007-05-29 02:57:18
The UK has a cross-network framework for doing this, called PayForIt.
2007-05-29 11:49:24
I live in Sweden and there are all types of services like that here. It's so much easier to SMS (text message) a number to get a product registration code or any number of things. Best part is that it happens almost imidiately so you don't even have to open any new windows (like email) to do it.

Lots of good technology here with the mobile phones. I use a pay as you go SIM card and it allows me to fill up my card using a txt message, online or any ATM machine. Love it.